Smart, chic and cosy but thrifty living in the city


It’s not a very catchy title but it does raise a few eyebrows and some laughs.  I’m not entirely sure if people are laughing at me or with me when they hear it.  But I like it and, mostly importantly, my kids like it and use it as a reference point, so that has to mean something.


Urban because I and my family live in a city.  London to be precise.  City living is wonderful in that you have access to so many galleries, museums, shops, theatres, etc. at any time of the day and some of the night.  Public transport is amazing in the city, there’s a bus, tube or train nearly every minute to somewhere.  This makes my teenagers very happy indeed.  I moved to London (too long ago to remember when) from the deepest, darkest countryside six miles outside the nearest,smallest market town in deepest, darkest Lincolnshire.  Possibly the smallest market town in the entire country.  I wasn’t born there, I just found myself there and some point in my life and had to adjust and get on with it.  I didn’t know what public transport was supposed to be like until I moved to London.  Now, if we go to the country, our teens don’t relax on the journey home until they see the first red London bus!
Domestic because it’s all about my home, where I live, where my children are growing up, where we cook, make, sew, paint, play, read, dance, run, laugh, sing, play music and play with the dog.  We were lucky enough to move to our ‘dream home’ at Christmas.  Having some money from selling my mum’s house after she died helped us to achieve timg_7850his.  How can something so positive come from such a negative I’ll never fully understand, but we are grateful for it and I know it is what she would have wanted for us.  Of course we are still dreaming about how the house is going to look when we’ve finished doing it up, but at the moment we are enjoying – no loving – living in mess, upended floor boards, dodgy electrics and a dark and dingy kitchen that is squashed into a weird corner of the house.  The house is very interesting because it’s not conventional and it’s large – for London.  Just as well because with a family of six, one dog, two Degu’s and lots of friends and family that come to stay, we need lots of space.
Eco-warrior because who shouldn’t be these days.  We have a fight on to protect our landscape and our world from slowly being eroded and destroyed.  Some of this is natural but some of this is man-made miscalculation.  I just want to learn how to do my bit to change what I do and how I live that can help manage the world we live in more efficiently.  I don’t really know what I’m doing as yet but I want to learn and pass it on to the next generation and I’ll be learning and posting my mistakes and successes on this website – if I’m not too embarrassed about them, that is!img_5834

So, I’m doing up my home, raising my family and learning all the time about life and how we do it.  One of my passions is to “make do and mend” as my mum drummed into me when I was young.  I love to reuse, recycle and repurpose, most of my household is full of items that have been made this way and I am excited to create my ‘dream home’ with this as the driving force and on a tight budget – but who isn’t.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride as I work out how to do life as an Urban Domestic Eco-Warrior!




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