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“Do not expect a harvest if you haven’t sown anything!” so I read the other day.  I fully concur, having moved into our house at Christmas time, we hadn’t planted anything in the garden this year, concentrating instead on the house.  Experts advise you to leave a garden for a year anyway before planting anything to see what grows that has already been planted.  The same person whom I quoted above, Sunday Adelaja, also said this, “Harvest is more abundant on untilled land.” Considering we had not tended our garden at all of the whole summer, imagine our surprise when we had the most abundant harvest of apples coming from all sorts of directions.  img_9978

We have two apple trees actually in our garden and a couple more that overhang it.  The apples were dropping from the sky like rainfall so much so that we unfortunately haven’t been able to keep up with the smattering of the juicy goodness they contain.  We have been able to gather quite a few of them, however, and have enjoyed apple cakes, crumbles, stewed apples and fresh apples picked and eaten straight from the trees.


We’ve also been gathering blackberries from the common.  They grow so much in abundance here that they could probably feed the whole of Wimbledon!  They are incredibly juicy and flavoursome though, more so for being wild I think.  I mixed some of those beauties with some of the apples from the garden and we had the most delicious crumble.  The crumble topping was made with half oats, half spelt flour with honey told hold it together.  The honey replaced both the sugar and the butter in making this crumble topping.  Bit of an experiment but it paid off.  I’ve been trying to find healthy alternatives to eating too much sugar, fat or gluten.  It’s hard trying to find recipes and ingredients that deliver both the health aspect we are looking for and the satisfying nature of more traditional ingredients.  I think we got it with this one, so it’ll definitely get made again.

Inspired by a booklet that arrived with some organic fruit and veg, I decided to have a go at creating dried apple rings.  I’m not sure my first attempt was a success but it looked better in the process than the finished result.  The apples didn’t fully dry out, even with several goes in the oven.  They were so full of juice, I don’t know what I was expecting.  Next time I will put them on drying racks rather than baking trays and see if I get some better results.  You’ve got to attempt these things though, or you don’t find out what you are capable of.  You can quote me on that in the future!


Sliced and doused in lemon juice


Not so ready for drying

I hope your harvests have been abundant too!



One thought on “Harvest

  1. joykluver says:

    Crumble topping made with honey – interesting!


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