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Our step ladder has been in our family for several decades now.  When I first saw it, it was dark green with red flowers on the side panels and sitting outside in the sun with flower pots on each step.  She looked so pretty lapping up the sunshine.  We had her inside for many years working hard at helping us to reach high places and once the girls came along she began to experience neglect.

Our poor step ladder became a shadow of her former self.  Her rope long broken was replaced with an ill-fitting telephone extension lead, her hinges and joints became loose and wobbly and she was covered in paint splashes from too much hard labour during decorating periods.

As we like to think that people are not ‘past their best’ at any stage of life, I liked to think of our furniture the same way, so I gave her a makeover.

First she needed sanding down and taking the paint splashes and top coat off so that I could make her look like new again.  Then the joints needed seeing to and making tight and firm.  I then gave her a super stream lined coat of beautiful outdoor chalk paint by Autentico in Chalk Grey, not only to take care of her wood but also to make her able to withstand and lot of standing on – if you know what I mean!

Two coats of paint, a light rub down, beautiful new rope and a generous coat of wax to finish and she looked amazing.

And here she is in all her glory, ready for her next lease on life…


One thought on “The Step Ladder

  1. She looks great! You’ve updated her but kept her authenticity, and I like that. I feel inspired to make something old ‘new’ – will put that on my To Do list!


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